Day Use Room Offer

Day Use Room Offer - HOTEL LEGNANO
4 Oct

Day Use Room Offer – HOTEL LEGNANO

The room “Day Use” is ideal for those who need to have a place where you feel comfortable and relaxed without necessarily involve an overnight stay.
This service is dedicated to those who are traveling on business to those who are waiting for a plane or a train or work between a date and the other or who simply want to meet a friend.
For a Day Use prenoatre you can use the room from 10.00 to 16.30. All year, excluding certain periods of exhibitions and events.

The offer includes:
* Living day to a maximum of 6:30 hours
* Wi-Fi
* Sky Tv excluding pay per view channels
* Garage.

Terms and Conditions of the offer:
The offer Day Use is not practicable to groups and parties
The promotion is only valid for check in and check out day, not including breakfast or overnight.
The offer is restricted to a limited number of rooms and is subject to room availability.
Subject to availability, you can extend your stay with an additional charge from the front desk.
Rates are per room for hours offers and include taxes and VAT. Anything not covered by means NOT included.

For information please contact us on 0331/440159 or e-mail


Single Room Hotel  * * * € 0,00
Double Room Hotel  * * * € 40,00
Double Single use Hotel  * * * € 35,00
Single Romm annex € 0,00
Double Romm annex € 40,00
Double Romm annex single use € 35,00